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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why do I need ZipX? Doesn't Windows already include support for ZIP files?
Well yes and no. Windows XP introduced the concept of zipped folders and every Windows version since then has incorporated it. But it's like saying why do I need Microsoft Word when I have Notepad on my system! The reality is that Windows zipped folders only offers very basic compression and encryption. It supports only a single compression method (Deflate) and the original encryption method which is vulnerable to modern cryptographic attacks. If you rely on zipped folders to encrypt your data then your data is compromised and easily decrypted!
How does ZipX compare to WinZip and WinRar?
WinX Software has put much effort into making ZipX as compatible and easy to use as can be. Therefore the user interface is designed to be easy to follow, just like that of WinZip's.

In terms of compatibility, ZipX supports all the documented compression methods detailed in the ZIP file specification. There are eight of them and ZipX supports all eight, both for compression and decompression.

ZipX provides full support for the extraction of files created by WinRar including support for the latest WinRar 5 archive types.
Is the ZipX software package free?
No. You may use ZipX for a period of 30 days after which you need to purchase a license to carry on using the program. The period of 30 days is meant to provide an opportunity for you to try the program before you decide to buy or not. If you decide not to purchase a license after the valuation period has expired, then you must uninstall the software on any computer that you have installed it on.
Doese ZipX support strong encryption?
Absolutely! This is the one area where we have put in a tremendous amount of work. ZipX is 100% compatible with the PKWARE Application note, and implements most of the specification including all the encryption methods. This means that all of SecureZIP (tm) and ZipX created files are inter-changeable and can be read in either program. So if you are looking for an alternative to SecureZIP, this is it!

Even better, ZipX supports the encryption of files using X509 digital certificates which are compatible with those created by SecureZIP (tm).

And our price is very competitive!
Where do I get a Digital Certificate?
Any standard X509 digital certificate will work with ZipX. You will need to ensure that the certificate has been imported into your Windows personal certificate store.

There are a number of Certificate Authorities that issue free email certificates for personal use. These certificates can be used to encrypt and digitally sign your data.

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