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ZipX Features
Support for many popular archive formats including ZIP, ZIPX, 7ZIP, RAR, ISO, ACE, ARJ, CAB, LHA, JAR, TAR, TGZ, ZOO, BZ2, CHM, XZ and GZ.
Create ZIP, ZIPX and CAB archives.
Support for large ZIP files greater than 4GB.
Support for Unicode filenames allowing proper handling of non-English text.
Support for all compression methods including Deflate, Deflate64, DCL, LZMA, PPMD, BZIP2, JPEG and WAVPACK.
Support for SecureZIP strong encryption standard for all encryption methods (AES, DES, Triple DES, RC2 and RC4). Also support for extracting WinZip AES encrypted files.
Support Masterkey facility to ensure extraction of files from password protected ZIP archives.
Support for encryption using X509 digital certificates.
Support for encrypted file names (as per the PKZip standard).
Support for digitally signing files in ZIP archives using X509 digital certificates.
Backup Audio CDs to ZIP archive and play tracks stored in the archive without first having to extract them.
Backup JPEG photos stored in a digital camera directly into a ZIP archive.
Achieve approximately 25% compression on JPEG images using the JPEG compression method.
Send archives using FTP to a remote server for storage.
Encode archives in UU Enc format for safe transmission over the internet.
Support for PKZip disk spanning.
Auto repair of damaged ZIP archives.
Provides a tool to encrypt stand-alone files that are not part of a ZIP archive using strong encryption methods.
Internal file viewer for viewing files in text/binary format.
Implements easy-to-use user interface. Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer when creating, updating ZIP archives, and extracting files.
Integrates into the Windows Shell so that ZIP support is available from the Windows Explorer.
Provides a tool to split an existing ZIP archive into multiple parts according to user selected size.
Creates self-extracting archive (SFX) from an existing ZIP file. Can also convert a ZIP SFX into a normal archive.
And all of the other standard features found in similar software.