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Create, Open & Extract from CAB, ZIP & ZIPX files. Extract from many other archive types.
ZipX is an easy-to-use file compression and encryption utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports many different file formats.

ZipX supports advanced encryption standards such as AES and Triple DES. In addition, it supports the use of X509 digital certificates to both encrypt and sign file data.
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Top 5 reasons to purchase ZipX
Lifetime License Guarantee
You pay just once for your license and receive all updates for free. This applies to minor version updates as well any major releases. No need to worry about annual maintenance fees or upgrade fees. You buy it, then it is yours for life!
Comprehensive ZIP file support
You will be hard pressed to find another zip file utility that provides the depth of support for ZIP files that ZipX does. We support all the possible encryption methods as well as compression methods that are documented in the zip file specification. Plus full support for X509 digital certificates that you won't find anywhere else.
Masterkey Support
You won't find this feature in any other zip file utility! Have you ever been frustrated because you cannot remember the password that you used to encrypt files in your zip archive? It happens to most of us! ZipX provides a secure way with which to deal with this problem. Simply enable Masterkey support in the encryption options and you will always be able to extract your files as long as your masterkey is available.
Audio CD Backup Support
Version 3.01
You have a great collection of Audio CDs and would like to get them on your computer but you are not too keen to use a lossy encoder like MP3. Well now with ZipX you can rip your Audio CD and compress the tracks storing them in a zip file. ZipX uses the WavPack compression method to do this so you will never lose quality when playing back. You don't even have to extract the tracks from the zip file to play them - ZipX can play them directly from the zip file for you! Why clutter up your hard drive with thousands of song files when you can have your songs packaged in zip files!
Released on 4 October 2013.
This is a comprehensive update to the software including support for unicode filenames, JPEG compression, Audio CD backup,  Masterkey encryption support and much more.
Support more than 20 different archive types
Open and extract files from a whole lot of other archive types. ZipX supports RAR, 7Z, ISO, ARJ, ARC, GZIP, BZ2 and many more!

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