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ZipX Screenshots
ZipX Main Screen
Click on the images below to get a feel for what some of the screens look like.
The main ZipX interface has been designed to be easy to use. It follows the typical layout standard found in similar software.
ZipX Main Audio Screen
The main ZipX Audio screen presents you with an easy way to play your audio zip files that you have created.
ZipX Audio Extract Screen
The Audio Extract screen allows you to select which tracks you want to rip from your audio CD. You can also play the tracks if you would like to hear what they sound like. Also, you can query the CDDB database for track information or edit the track info if you need to.
Add Files Dialog
The Add Files Dialog presents an easy-to-use method to select files for zipping. It is a custom dialog that works in a similar fashion to the standard Windows open dialog. You can call this dialog multiple times if you need to add files from different folders into the same zip file.
FTP Archive Dialog
The FTP Archive screen can be used to upload an archive to a remote FTP server for storage.
Certificates Dialog
The Certificates dialog allows you to select X509 digital certificates from your Personal system store or the Address Book system store. This dialog is also used to select certificates from your Personal store in order to sign your zip files.
Verify Signature Dialog
The Verify Signature dialog allows you to check for a valid digital signature on a per-file basis.
Encrypt Files Dialog
The Encrypt Files dialog can be used to encrypt any stand-alone file that is not part of an archive. It offers strong encryption support similar to what you get when you encrypt files as part of an archive.
Wizard Screen
The Wizard Screen presents a very simple easy-to-use interface that allows inexperienced users to perform basic zip operations that are common.